• Winter can be tough on the exterior of your home or business office.  Snow, wind, rain and temperature fluctuations take their toll on exterior systems.  Once spring arrives, we naturally want to get outdoors and enjoy our favorite activities.  However, how many of us take the time to think about gutters, roofing, caulking, etc.  Mr. Repair Handyman Services of Kokomo, Indiana is prepared to give the exterior of your home or business a thorough check.

    Roofing - We will check for loose or missing shingles.  If you have a metal roof, we will check for loose screws and gaps in seams.

    Caulking - Dried, cracked caulking will be scraped out and replaced.

    Outside Spigots - Spigots will be checked for leaks.  Leaking spigots should be repaired or replaced.

    A/C Units - Coils will be cleaned to maintain efficiency and to keep your system operating at peak performance.  

    Gutters - Cleaned and check for leaks.  

    So who would you call to complete these inspections?  Call Mr. Repair Handyman Services if you live in or near Kokomo, Indiana to schedule your inspection.  Every home or business needs a handyman.  To contact us, call (765) 461-5358.