• Are your clothes not getting dry like they used to?  Are you having to run your dryer more than once to get your clothes dry?  Not only are you wasting energy, you are also wasting your money by having to run your dryer longer.  Did you know the problem may not be with your dryer, but with your dryer's exhaust system. 

    A dryer needs a clean exhaust system to function properly.  Not all lint gets trapped by the dryer lint screen.  Over time, lint can build up beyond the lint screen.  This buildup can occur in the dryer itself and in the exhaust vent that carries moist, warm air away from the drier to the outside air. 

    Excessive buildup can partially or completely block the dryer exhaust.  When this happens, your dryer will not function properly.  Mr. Repair Handyman Services has the tools to clean your dryer exhaust system.  Once the excessive lint is removed, you dryer should function properly and efficiently.  Call Mr. Repair at (765) 461-5358 to schedule an inspection.